White Industries Free Wheel arrives

Speaking of fixing bikes, one of the great attractions is the freedom that does not limit the rider. There are many people who can ride with fixed gears if they are fixes, and we recommend it first. But, of course, I want to ride with free gear! You may be there, and you have to respect such opinions. For such people, high -precision free wheels are in stock from White Industries. White Industries Eno Free Wheel ¥ 12,400 (+Tax) White Industries, stubbornly sticking to Made in USA in California. A free wheel with beautiful CNC sharpening. Speaking of 32 notch free, it is not unusual now, but this high -precision click feeling is inevitable. Also, I am glad that you can set a fine gear ratio with a rich lineup from 16T to 23t. I can't spend that much money! What you think, you will always get a satisfying run. Try it because you thought you were deceived.
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