It has almost disappeared on hot and humid days, and it's getting chilly ~ Can you go anywhere? I think I'm on a bicycle every morning. It's already the arrival of the bicycle season! Thankfully, the number of people who ride sports bikes is increasing year by year. However, it is also true that "theft" is increasing. Especially recently, there are some bad guys who steal the parts alone. There is no wheel when you come back! And on the contrary, there is only wheel! Sometimes I hear it. Isn't that a lot of things and everyone is worried about what to do so as not to be stolen? ・ Add 2 or more keys ・ Make sure the earth rock ・ Avoid places where there are no people ・ Do not stop in the same place every day ・ Stop where there is a carrier or a security camera This is something I want you to do at least! The probability is likely to go down, but there is no word that crime prevention is perfect ... So there are these products to lower the probability of being stolen! GREDDY HUB NUT (2 pieces) color/ ¥ 1,750- Exclusive tool ¥ 1,500- By installing this, you cannot open it without a dedicated tool (it is a security tool, so you can not give a photo)! Isn't this anxiety factor for those who have expensive wheels, such as baton wheels and hand -set wheels? There are two colors and BK/SL and two colors, so I think it's good to match the hub, rim, and spoke colors! ! I hope you can come to the store! You can't do anything after being stolen, so why not consider it for your car?
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