Tioga Cocoon Flex in Stock!

I want to run in the sea, but it's far from my house. In the coming season, I want to see autumn leaves in the mountains. It's far from the house, but it's hard if you go on a self -propelled and return on a self -propelled. In such a case, the riding back is convenient. Ikiki is self -propelled, returning home, or self -propelled on the way home. Or a ring back that can respond to sudden bad weather. That's not convenient. This time, Cocoon Flex has arrived. Since the saddle part is a good type, it is a type that can be completely inserted to the saddle. It feels surprisingly annoying, but if you remove the front wheel, it will fit perfectly, so it's easier than expected. There is no loss even if you have one. Come on this opportunity! Tigao Cocoon Flex ¥ 5,200 (+Tax) yokohama@brotures.com 045-413-7875 Adatch
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