Leader Bikes 725 Pink Custom !!!

If you think it has become cool, it will continue to rain and it will be weird. When you can't ride, you'll want to ride abnormally ~ That's why the uzuzu is there! At 7 o'clock tomorrow, there is an early cat race at the BROTURES KICHIJOJI gathering, so please come and visit us! Anyone is okay, so please feel free to come to play! Especially girls! ! ! ! ! After all, if there are flowers, everyone should be able to move very much, After all, it would be more fun to ride with various people than to ride alone! ? I'm looking forward to that! Strongly! Therefore! BROTURES KICHIJOJI is available! The size that girls can ride and are cute! Leader Bikes 725TR Flame ¥ 45,000 (+Tax) I customized it with this frame! There is not much combination of color for pink/silver, and I use it quite a bit! ! The handle is a riser bar for the first time with a riser bar and you can ride with confidence! ! That's not all! ! Take a look at the hub! ! GREDDY LIGHT HUB FRONTO ¥ 16,000 (+Tax) GREDDY LIGHT HUB REAR ¥ 18,000 (+tax) The color is also unified in pink! Not only the appearance but also the specifications are perfect! ! This pink size should be here! ! ! By the way, the size is XS. Even if you are in the 150cm level, it is a size that can ride without stress ~ In addition to this, if it is a small size, it is 721 silver or gorilla lama! Feel free to visit Kitijoji, which is quite rare! ! How about gifts to her or wife? ? As soon as the last one! ! !
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