Finally, Broturs's first overseas expansion has been decided! The United States is the largest marine city, located in the southernmost part of California [SAN DIEGO] Brotures San Diego located inside Little Italy James Coffee near downtown Not only BROTURES, but also coffee shops, apparel shops, furniture shops, glasses shops, etc. are located in the same place. Under the theme of "another rich lifestyle", I would like to continue to propose "valuable things" in the United States, making full use of the delicate technology that Japanese people can make. And a grand opening event will be held on Thursday, September 24! Shop party and lace two full stand! Moreover, from Dosnoventa and LA, leader bikes, CBNC riders, many other riders, and celebrities will rush! Lace prizes are HED custom wheel sets, ROTOR custom -made crank sets, and Bomber Pro custom -made NJS frame set! Although it is a prize that comes out of the throat quite a bit, it is only the top3 of the race that can get this. The big BROTURES is so far, and it is thanks to the customers who are calling this blog. At the same time, I would like to continue to enliven this pisto culture so that I will not disappoint the trust and expectations of customers. If you don't mind, I would be grateful if you could spread it on your SNS. All BROTURES BROTURES SAN DIEGO Address: 2355 INDIA SAN DIEGO, CA 921101 United States Business hours 11 AM-7PM (Mon-Sun) E-mail: Sandiego@Brotures Phone number: +1 (858) 997-6783 HP: Instagram: @brotures_sandiego Facebook:@broures_sandiego Brotures San Diego Grand Opening Party Date: Thursday, September 24, 2015 19: 00-21: 00 (Race 19: 30-) Location: 2355 INDIA SAN DIEGO CA 92101 United States Invitation Rider: Dosnoventa, Leader Bikes, CBNC Video, photography: CHOP'EM Down Films Photo booth: Leader Bikes Sponsor brand: Leader Bikes, Dosnoventa, Hed, Rotor, Bomber Pro, CBNC Racing prize -One-off Hed Jet4 Black Track Wheelset -One-off Rotor Track Crankset -One-off Bomber Pro njs Framest
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