9/5 Group Ride Photos!

Thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday's glue pride. I am suffering from ridiculous muscle pain thanks to starting tricks as if I was suddenly possessed after the race. It's full of palms. I was seriously worried about working break this morning. 。 Yesterday, I did a simple race content for the first time, but I was able to finish without accidents or injuries. Thank you very much for your cooperation! I couldn't take much pictures this time because it was divided into a group,Album on FacebookPlease see if you have time. Like the race, it was very meaningful after that, after that, each of them practiced tricks and blossomed in chari discussions. It was more fun than I thought, so I was thinking or not thinking about doing it again this month. It depends on my muscle pain. Is a lie. Maybe I will do it. This time, those who did not come without the convenience should join us next time! PS. Finally, we will expose the members as a punishment game for the losing team yesterday.
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