PHILWOOD OUTBOARD BB Carbonyte in Stock Now

Looking at this title, many people are excited. It is the arrival of Outboard BB of the finest PHILWOOD, which is completed immediately at the same time as it arrives. The looks are beautiful, and the rotation is so slippery that you can see the difference just by touching it by hand. It is also equipped with carbo night bearing, so it is surprising with low friction. As I always say persistently, underbody custom is essential to dramatically change driving. Among them, BB custom is inevitable. If you actually touch it at the store, you will be surprised at its rotation. And you always want it. It is also convinced that riders around the world will love them. This time it is a GXP standard, so it is recommended for those who want to customize Omnium etc.! ! PHILWOOD OUTBOARD BB Carbonyte ¥ 28,800 If it is sold out with a small amount of arrival this time, the next arrival is undecided. In other words, it is a first -come -first -served basis! ! Why don't you customize this opportunity? We also accept shipping by mail order, so please contact us. 045-413-7875 Mizu
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