"CULT x Vans Grip"

Recently, many people wear riser bars in Osaka! ! Riser bars are not so leaning forward, so you can easily ride your bicycle! ! In particular, many women have riser bars! So today, I will introduce the items that are essential for those who have a riser bar. [Grip]! ! ! ・ CULT x VANS Waffle Grip ¥ 1,500 (+Tax) It is a popular grip that sells out as soon as it arrives! ! ! CULT is a popular BMX brand! ! This grip, born in collaboration with VANS, is It is a grip that is used not only for BMX, but also from bicycles and other genres of bicycles! ! I actually use it, but it's easy to grasp and I've always used it! ! The atmosphere changes even with one grip, so why not stick to the grip as part of the custom? ? Then we are waiting for you at Brotures OSAKA! ! ! Finally, I will give a video of "Nasty Aka Tepeei" and "Marco", which is also a "vans" Rider in the trick rider of the fixie bike! !
ENISHY × DOT9S edit from Enishy ON Vimeo. Ayumu.
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
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