Tioga Cocoon in Stock !!!!!!

At this time, the useful "ring back" is available! ! TIOGA COCOON ¥ 4,000 (+tax) Somehow, the days when the cloud areas have been suspicious recently. A typhoon is coming or not. It's really itchy that you can't ride even though the bicycle season has arrived! When I started, I didn't fall yet, so it was raining from the middle. The guerrilla heavy rain has arrived, even though it was really fine! What? Isn't there? In such a case, it is quite convenient to put these guys in the corner of the bag! It is easy to use and can be done in about 2-3 minutes if you get used to it! ! And when you put it in the ring back, remove the front wheel, so this is also a must! Bike Hand Portable Pedal WRENCH ¥ 1,780 (+Tax) Moreover, this Pedal Wrench is a spoke wrench in addition to 14,15mm socket wrenches. In addition, it will be a tire lamaber, so I think that there is also a tube and small pumps! With this set, you don't have to worry about suddenly rain or punk! In addition, as a way to use my ring back, I run by bicycle to the point where I can go and use a wheel! It's only exciting to go, so it's addictive. Then eat delicious rice, drink delicious alcohol, get drunk and return by train with your bicycle! It's really great! In terms of time, there are also autumn leaves rides by going to the mountains! ! I think there is no loss in having it! Come on this opportunity!
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