Brotures Harajuku Wheel Collection.

BROTURES HARAJUKU This month's theme is "Wheel" In addition to changing the image of the body, the unique wheels have been stocked this month. Jet6 BLACK edition, which is H3D and New Item from the famous HED And ENVE, which is currently growing in popularity, is luxuriously assembled with Brotures x Philwood. This wheel is an item that greatly affects running with one piece. Complete assembly, hand assembly, both are available in a fulfilling lineup, so please take a look. L → R HED H3D Carbon Baton Wheel Front ¥ 197,000 (EX, Tax) ZIPP 404 FC Front ¥ 147,000 (EX, Tax) Hed Jet6 Black Edition Front ¥ 125,000 (EX, Tax) Roughpista × Brotures Phileood Limited Hub ¥ 42,000 (EX, TAX) BLB50 CARBON RIM × GREDDY LIGHT HUB ¥ 71,000 (EX, Tax) H Plus Son AT-25 × GREDDY LEVOLVER HUB ¥ 33,000 (EX, Tax) H Plus Son SL-42 × Paul Track Hub ¥ 37,000 (EX, Tax) AEROSPOKE ORDER COLOR WHEEL ¥ 62,000 ~ (EX, Tax) ENVE SES 6.7 CARBON RIM × BROTURES PHILEOOD LIMITED HUB ¥ 134,000 (EX, TAX) Yusuke
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