Pro4 Service Course V2 in Stock !!!

Needless to say, many "PRO4 SC V2" has arrived from the well -known super long -established tire manufacturer "MICHELIN"! ! MICHELIN PRO4 SC V2 ¥ 7,200 (+Tax) Color: Green/Red/Silver/White It was a hot topic because it was renewed a while ago! It was the finest tires that were comfortable from the beginning, and the grip power was good and there was no complaint, but the durability was not good enough. So minor change! Durability is improved with a new compound! It is difficult to crack! BROTURES YOKOHAMA store manager JUNKI is also ink that is used every time! Please take this opportunity to experience the PRO4 ride comfort! Moreover, the impression of the bicycle changes by inserting the tires of colored items. It is perfect to change the impression of a bicycle at low cost, such as wanting to change the wheels but no budget! It is fashionable to match the color to the bar tape, hub, saddle, etc.! How about making it a special one for you?
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