The Attension to 725TR Vol.1

I would like to introduce 725TR in several parts. And this is the first time to commemorate! I would like to introduce the contents of the material. The first is the introduction of the material. There are four types of materials used in the frame of the fixie. Occasionally, there are bamboo, irregular, but ... Generally, bicycle racing frames are chromoly materials, carbon frames that are common in road bikes, and high ten used for cheap mamachari. The advantages and disadvantages are different for each material. And the 725TR is an aluminum material. For example, there are various aluminum in aluminum. This time, because it is a special feature of 725TR, I would like to explain the aluminum used for 725TR. The aluminum used for 725TR6061-T6Use the material If it is something other than a bicycle, it may be used for airplane torso or car body for cars. In terms of characteristics,Corrosion resistance and strength are well balancedTherefore, it is a relatively supple ride in aluminum. Strong corrosion resistanceThat meansIt is hard to rust and does not deteriorate over timeabout it. that's why,Ride with confidence for a long timeThat means. Focusing on the flexibility is that what is supple, for example, reduces rattling when running on a bad road on the road surface. It cannot be reduced all, but it absorbs shock rather than a hard aluminum aluminum.How fast and cool on the street of LeaderbikesI feel that it applies to the concept.
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