Michelin Pro4 V2.

MICHELIN PRO4 V2 ¥ 7,200- (+Tax) 700 x 23c/200g Tires that are designed for racing and high performance and durability in any situation and weather are suitable for those who are looking for lace tires. It has outstanding grip and puncture resistance throughout the year, and is a very comfortable tire. I want to put the color, but I don't want to reduce the accuracy of the tires. Such a tire is this tire. MICHELIN PRO4 ENDURANCE V2 ¥ 6,500- (+Tax) 700c/225g Recommended for those who are looking for long -lasting tires with very high durability and protective performance. Compared to other companies' tires, the punk resistance is 40%improved, and it is a tire that combines high grip power in cornering. In addition, there is one aspect that the nylon breaker located between beads on both sides has greatly reduced cracks from the side. This tire may be good for those who can not exchange parts easily or who can not come to maintenance !!! Tires are a very important point for bicycles. Would you like to replace it with this new tire along with maintenance!? U-KI.
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