The Attension to 725TR Vol.4

Focusing today is the geometry of the frame. There are various geometry depending on the frame, but this time I would like to explain the 725TR geometry! Each frame is composed of head tubes, top tubes, down tubes, seat stays, seat stays, and chain stays, but among them, BROTURES is a fixie bike, but there are various geometry on the fixie bike. Among them, the geometry of the frame is different for Kagero, Renovatio, and 725TR. The advantages vary depending on the frame, so the ride will change dramatically when you switch. It is designed for a 725TR head tube for a little longer, so it is a geometry that makes it easier to speed up, so it is still close to rowing because the angle of the seat tube is also standing, so heavy gear ratio. It is easy to step on, and it has a structure that is easy to stop and go. It has a structure that is easy to run when running on trucks such as velodrome. In Japan, there are so many traffic lights, so the number of times that stops and run is certainly more than overseas. So it can be said that it is excellent in stop and go. So, it is easy to use both the street and the track race. Is there a frame that has been so far in this price range? Leave this 725TR anatomy blog 3 It is times. looking forward to!
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