CHROME BAGS New in stock!

The New Shit of Chrome Industries has arrived one after another! The arrival of this time is ... KLIMENT ¥ 18,000 (+tax) A travel day pack equipped with a two -layer large compartment with a unique design. Storage up to 22ℓ is possible in total. Premium pads are urban backpacks that can be used for multiple purposes until you arrive at anywhere, as it supports the floor placement on the floor and supports hand carry on the trains, and supports the floor with a self -supported bottom shape. Kadet ¥ 9,000 (+tax) The latest all -weather urban belt bag that is ideal for carrying minimimal luggage. Developed to carry only what is needed in urban life, it is ideal for storing thin jackets, iPads, keys, wallets, etc. Military specifications also protect your luggage. In addition, there are also YALTA and BRAVO, which are updated, and messenger bags that are essential for bicycle rides. Not only BAG but also TEE and shoes are available at the store. Please feel free to call us in a large mirror next to the bag area.
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