The Attension to 725TR Vol.5

By the way, this is the fifth project this time. This time, I will explain Aerodynamics! Aerodynamics is to deal with air exercise and the power that acts on objects that exercise in the air. It also refers to applied to the design of the bicycle frame. The 725TR is an aero -frame because it has an aero shape to reduce air resistance. Although it is an invisible air resistance, the air resistance is difficult to resist the frame when running because the top tube, down tube, seat tube, seat stay, and chain stays are all aero -shaped. It has a structure. Therefore, it has a structure that can run easier than a non -aero frame and to speed up. If you look at all of the Attention to 725TR so far, you can see the appeal of 725TR. If you are worried, is there a frame like 725TR in this price range? Please refer to it.
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