Ass Savers.

On a bad weather like today, I had to ride a bicycle "/" I had to ride it!? Today we will introduce a necessity item that will always help if you stock one on the back. Even if you put it in the back, it won't get in the way I don't take space. ASS Savers 3 ¥ 1,200- (+Tax) ASS SAVERS 3 EXTENDED ¥ 1,300 (+tax) * Two sizes are available. Unlike mamachari, piste bikes are simple, so there is no mudguard as you can see. "Driving with an umbrella" does not come out, and it is now prohibited by law. If you ride on a rainy day, your piste bike may get wet with important buttocks, clothes and backs. On such a rainy day, the easy items that protect the buttocks on the fixie bike riding from mud are this mudguard !!! When you do not use it, fold it compactly and put it in the saddle, so it is in a sudden rain. It is quite useful because it supports. The installation is very easy and just inserts between the saddle rails. Vibration can be slightly off, but I don't think it will fall off. However, depending on the clearance of the saddle rail, there may be differences in fixing force. However, this is thin, so I think most saddles can be handled !!! The price is reasonable, so please get it !!!! U-KI.
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