Sugino Zen

"Zen" The highest accuracy chainring is restocked from Sugino. Probably the most famous chain ring in the chain ring. There are two colors, SL and BK. SL is an NJS certified part that can be used in bicycle racing competitions. Sugino has released two types of NJS chain rings, including ZEN, but the fact that they claim to be a winning chain ring can be said. The disc shape of the back side with CNC has a high rigidity and aero effect. I took a comparison photo for trial. The black chain ring is the genuine chain ring of the RIP crank. The genuine RIP has a reputation for being in good shape, but it is easy to understand when compared. In the picture seen from the front, you can clearly see the accuracy of each tooth. In the image from the side, you can see the round finish on the side. Even with the same gear ratio, the feeling changes depending on the accuracy of the parts. Perhaps even if you change the chainring, the gear ratio will be stepped on now. Black and silver now has just the right number of teeth. SUGINO ZEN ¥ 11,700- ~ ¥ 14,700-
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