"Cinelli x Mash Frame & Parts"

Finally, MASH has decided to come to Japan! ! I'm looking forward to coming to Japan from now on. I also watched the Mash DVD, raised my motivation and riding a fix. It's cool now and in the past. Today, I will introduce CINELLI MASH frames and parts at a stretch with the visit to Japan. CINELLI × MASH HISTOGRAM 2015 Framest ¥ 130,000 First of all, Histograph's 2015 model, which is synonymous with CINELLI MASH Coloring is attracting attention every year, but 2015 is the simplest design ever Since the frame is Black, it is easy to customize regardless of parts. This frame, which has a relatively angle of the seat tube and head tube than the track frame, requires a very aggressive form, as it is forward, and can easily transfer weight during skids. The frame is designed to make it easier to do dancing on the street (the operation of descending a saddle and rowing) by Mash S.F., which performs the frame design. CINELLI × MASH PARALLAX ¥ 120,000 Parallax that appeared in a new model since 2014 Unlike HISTOGRAM, the geometary is finished in a geometary like a piste with a horizontal frame. It is a very rare model, only one last one at Yokohama store. It's a first -come -first -served basis, so if you are interested, please do it as soon as possible! ! CINELLI × MASH WORK Framest ¥ 120,000 CINELLI MASH's first chromoly frame. The original draft is Mash original member CHAS CHRISTIANSEN You can also assemble both a fixie or a single cyclocross. In addition, the color is the coolest with a clear coat with a low color removed with iron! ! We are accepting acclaimed reservations, so please take this opportunity. CINELLI × MASH ROAD DropBar ¥ 16,000 Very easy to hold a road drop handle It seems to be good even if you use it not only on the pist but also on the road or cyclocross. If the stock is lost, the next arrival will not be read, so if you are looking for a handle, please use it. CINELLI × MASH BULLHORN ¥ 17,500 It is a handlebar designed and designed in consideration of all details to achieve various comfort and safe position. The text of Cinelli is boldly applied and looks good. The compatibility with the Cinelli Mash frame is outstanding! ! All parts have a lot of stock, so please buy them as soon as possible. We also accept mail order, so please feel free to tell us.

Mash 2015 Trailer from Mash Transit Productions ON Vimeo.

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