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Hello! ! Soon, the consecutive holidays called Silver Week will come! ! Isn't there a person who goes on a trip with a bicycle? ? My silver week is ... Please be assured that you are full of BROTURES! ! I'm Ayum! ! ! ! That's why today we will publish the special information that matches Silver Week! ! ! Silver week limited! ! 735TR & 725TR Custom Bike will make a car body on the same day! ! Delivery on the same day? ? ? "picture? Isn't it possible to take a bicycle on the day you bought it? ? ? I think many people think! ! If you are an ordinary bicycle shop, take it home on the day you buy it! ! ! But Brotures is different! ! It would be easy to understand if you think at a car shop, but you can't take it home on the day you choose a car! BROTURES is the same, so I have time to order parts, etc. and check from scratch, so I usually purchase it. I have been waiting for about a week! ! ! In this Silver Week, we will prepare three cars for custom motorcycle delivery on the same day! ! ! We will announce the contents of the custom etc. at a later date, but we are waiting for your early visit to end as soon as it is gone! If you have any questions, please contact BROTURES OSAKA anytime! ! Ayumu.
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