It is a glue pride decision today.

Yesterday, I had a seasonal fireworks. Is youth like that? It was a good memory in the last summer of the student. By the way, it is a great day for the fine weather today. I'm doing glue pride as planned. Date: 9/22 (Tue) 20: 00 ~ Start: Brotures Kichijoji Goal: Inokashira Park Daiichi Parking Lot Rules: Team match. Performs with three or four teams per team. The team who arrived at the goal point from the starting point won the earliest team. (In a state where everyone is ready) On the way, be sure to go through the checkpoints sorted by each team, and take a checkpoint of the motorcycle of all members. (Checkpoints differ for each team) The losing team is a Kitsui punishment game.
1-1-2 Kichijoji Kitamachi, Musashino City, Tokyo MAP
Weekdays/12:00~18:00 (no regular holidays) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/10:00~18:00