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Today is an order from customers who have come to the store from the beginning. Speaking of fixie bikes, the originality is high, and there is a great attraction that you can finish only one in the world. That is, of course, that is not infinite. But I don't want to turn it on! Some people have a strong belief. Then there is only custom paint! Originally, I was riding a 735TR, but I finally replaced the frame at this opportunity! The frame I ordered this time is DOSNOVENTA DETROIT2.0. A creator brand that appears in the piste world like a comet and captivates the whole world in an instant. The logo is all polished on the metallic blue of the color sample you brought. After all Dosnoventa has a different sense of quality. In particular, this color fell in love with all the staff at first glance. 。 You're getting tired of your current bicycle a little now, don't you think? Color orders are available for any frames, forks, wheels, etc. If you bring a sample that is a color sample, we will paint it according to it! Please feel free to contact us for anything. DOSNOVENTA DETROIT2.0 Frame Set ¥ 165,000 (+tax) Color Order \ ask
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