Leader Bikes 735TR FIZIK CUSTOM!

Finished to 735TR where you can experience the beauty of unifying components. I put the handle, stem, seat post and saddle with Fizik, and used Fizik to the bar tape. The part tape of the Fizik installed this time is the SUPER LIGHT type. The grip and hold power are high because it is relatively thin as 2mm. Even so, I chose a glossy type called Glossy. The bright colors are shining in the color. It is also highly durable and a bar tape compatible with all weather is recommended! Personally, the wheels are the front and rear hand wheels. Made in Japan's GREDDY hub for the rim height that was relatively reduced by H Plus Son Archetype. A tough combination that you want to get around on the street because the durability and driving are very improved. Come on now! [Frame] Leader Bikes 735TR Frame ¥ 55,000 [Fron & Rear Rim] H Plus Son Archetype ¥ 7,000 [Front & Rear Hub] GREDDY LIGHT Ver Front ¥ 16,000 Rear ¥ 18,000 [F & R Tire] Michelin Dynamic Sport ¥ 1,800 [STEM] FIZIK CYRANO R1 STEM ¥ 11,920 [Handle] Fizik R3 Alloy Dropbar ¥ 10,340 [Bar Tape] Fizik Super Light Glossy ¥ 1,867 [CRANK] BROTURES RIP CRANK ¥ 24,000 [SEATPOST] FIZIK R3 SEATPOST ¥ 11,570 [SADDLE] FIZIK ARIONE KIUM ¥ 15,250 Bike loan simulation Amount ¥ 281,967- Fee ¥ 7,697- 1st payment amount ¥ 24,564 × 1 time Payment amount from the second time ¥ 24,100 × 11 times 045-413-7875 yokohama@brotures.com
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