Chrome YALTA 2.0 NYLON in Stock Now.

Have you ever had a problem with a bag when riding a fix? ? If it is a strong lock, it may be heavy, and there are surprisingly a lot of luggage such as helmets and changing clothes! ! So today, I will introduce a good backpack from Chrome. Chrome YALTA 2.0 NYLON ¥ 14,000 Chrome was founded in 1995 using JUKI's sewing machine, military grade, and seat belt buckles removed from scrapped cars. Basically, 70 % are produced in the United States. It has also received enormous support from riders and skaters around the world. YALTA 2.0 NYLON, which has arrived this time, will be a model limited to Japan. YALTA 2.0 wearing 1,050 denier nylon, which has excellent wear resistance and tear resistance. The streamlined design is lighter, reducing the luggage outlet to increase the functionality, and is a model with sufficient capacity for roll -top designs for all weather.
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