Kryptonite Locks !!

A piste bike that is riding carefully. If it's stolen, it's terrifying just to think. Today we will introduce tough keys to prevent such tragedy. As with the title, the brand is 'kryptonite'! It is a brand that uses many messengers in London and New York. In the first place, 'kryptonite' is an American comic, a mineral name that appears in Superman. The reason why the names of the minerals are on the key is that the mineral is a mineral that blocks Superman's abilities and cannot move. In other words, using 'kryptonite' is to seal the thief's power and prevent the bicycle from moving from it. They are so powerful. The three Kryptonite that arrived this time are listed in the photo above, so I will introduce them! Kryptonite Evolution Mini "7" U -shaped lock ¥ 9,500 (+Tax) KRYPTONITE KRYPTTOFLEX Wire Lock ¥ 1,900 (+Tax) KRYPTONITE LAMINATED STEEL PADLOCK padlock ¥ 1,500 (+tax) First of all, Kryptonite Evolution Mini, a U -shaped lock that stands out, is noticeable! This is already an iron plate on the iron plate. It is a key that can be locked on the earth by fixing the frame and guardrail. When riding a bicycle, it usually fits in the back pocket, so it doesn't get in the way. Next is orange wire lock. As you can see in the photo, this is long, so you can fix not only the frame but also the front and rear wheels. Locking only with a frame may bring only an expensive wheel with carbon or the like, but using this wire lock will prevent such aft. And the padlock can fix the saddle together with the wire lock. Yes, using these three locks can protect almost all of the frames, front and rear wheels, saddles and stolen parts. The keys to protect your precious fixes. What do you think.
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