Fi'zi: K Bar Tapes

Fi'zi: K from K is available for all cyclists for all cyclists. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, strong support for your riding with washable specifications corresponding to all weather! The arrival this time is a thin 2mm thickness that enables a direct grip feeling and delicate handling, Classic Touch ¥ 1,980 (+Tax). And the 3mm thick two -layer structure with foam pads on the back side, Soft Touch ¥ 1,890 (+Tax), which has excellent shock absorption power than conventional (2mm thick). Two types are in stock! If you want to wind it up, why not try a slightly elaborate coloring? If you want more comfort, we recommend Bar GEL ¥ 2,630 (+tax)! By sandwiching high -quality Technogel gels used for medical applications between bar tape and handle, it absorbs the vibration transmitted to the handlebar, improving comfort and rider performance. By the way, this gel and scissors can be cut to the desired size, so the degree of freedom in the handle and position is quite high. Your bicycle will be easier to ride.
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