The handle that is also the face of a bicycle. It is one of the parts that greatly affects the riding comfort such as positioning, as well as looks. In recent years, the trend is to install a road bike drop handle on the fix. It is specified in a wide range of situations from racing to city riding. That's why today is an introduction of such contrasting handles. NITTO M194SSB ¥ 9,800 (+Tax) DEDA ZERO100 ¥ 13,100 (+tax) First of all, an anatomic handle from Nitto, a worldwide popular Japan brand, is an absolute popularity. It doesn't matter much in the fix, but it is a handle that supports STI brake. Anatomic handles are very cool and cool, but when brakes are used, it is often difficult to reach the lever if you are a small person. 。 This M194SSB has a dent on the brake mounting part, so you can hold the brake in a position closer to the handle! Above all, this classic look is surprisingly small, so it is a reason to choose it alone. On the other hand, I would like to introduce the Italian pipe maker bicycle brand DEDA ELEMENTI. It is a popular brand with high -quality parts that have achieved high rigidity and weight reduction. One of the DEDA's classic handle, ZERO100. Deda's unique RHM (Rapid Hand Move) shape, which is smaller and more compact for both anatomic. As the name implies, it is very smooth to change the handle with a change in handle. These two are completely different from shape to looks. Which one do you match with your bicycle?
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