Leader Bikes 735TR T3 Custom.

Leader Bikes 735TR Custom Bike ¥ 462,549- PARTSSPEC [Frame] Leader Bikes 735TR Frame ¥ 55,000- (+Tax) [Fork] Leader Bikes i805TR ¥ 24,000- (+Tax) [Handle] DEDA DBAR ¥ 25,300- (+tax) [STEM] ZIPP Service Stem ¥ 15,000- (+Tax) [SeatPost] ZIPP ZIP 27.2 Service Course ¥ 16,000- (+Tax) [SADDLE] Fizi: K KURVA CARBON Rail ¥ 36,820- (+Tax) [WHEEL] BROTURES T3 Carbon F \ 90,000- (+Tax) R ¥ 95,000- (+tax) [CRANK] SRAM OMNIUM ¥ 37,000- (+tax) I think this custom completed car has become a surprising bicycle for everyone. In fact, when I went to take a picture of my blog, I caught most of the people who passed and asked many people. Even if you don't like bicycles specially, this way of assembling has an impact, so you can think it's cool. If you customize three batons on the front and rear wheels of the Leader Bikes 735TR polar aero frame, it is definitely a surprise because it is a bicycle that is rarely seen in the city first. This Leader Bikes 735TR Custom Bike gives a look, impact, aggressive impression, and emphasizes its appearance. However, since the parts specifications are not compromised, it is a custom bike that is well -formed. There is no problem if you ride in this state !!! If you have a custom consultation, go to Brotures OSAKA !!! LOAN SIMULATION Money ¥ 463,549- Fee ¥ 30,547- 1st payment amount ¥ 18,487 × 1 time Payment amount after the second time ¥ 16,400- × 30 times Please feel free to use. We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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