Michelin Pro4 V2 in Stock!

This time, the V2 of PRO4 from the tire manufacturer MICHELIN. That famous PRO4 has evolved and appears. Speaking of MICHELIN's Pro4, it is characterized by a slick tire but a high grip power even on rainy days. MICHELIN PRO4 V2 ¥ 7,200- (+Tax)200g It corresponds to various weather, and exudes outstanding grip and puncture resistance. Not only that, it is a very comfortable tire. Normally, the performance tends to reduce the performance, but I do not want to reduce the accuracy of the tire. Such a tire is this tire. MICHELIN PRO4 ENDURANCE V2 ¥ 6,500- (+Tax)225g PRO4 is a lineup of durability and protective performance at the expense of the PRO4 at the expense of weight. Recommended for those who are looking for long -lasting tires. Compared to other companies' tires, the punk resistance is 40%improved, and it is a tire that combines high grip power in cornering. According to the import agency, V2 has improved cracking resistance than a normal type. Michelin tires were easy to ride and rolled, but cracks were likely to occur, but if it was improved in that point, Continental believers were also interested. By all means on this occasion! 045-413-7875 yokohama@brotures.com
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