Yesterday's blogBut as I introduced, the 735TR of Leader Bikes's flower frame is on sale. So, please see the number of 735TRs we have set up so far! In October, the legendary crew of the Fixed Gear world, which has been talked about by coming to Japan, is a frame that EMI BROWN, the early member of MASH, has been a long -standing frame. Even in Japan, it captivates celebrities such as Yosuke Kubotsuka, a swastika LINE. The reason is obvious at a glance. Everyone is convinced of this impact. Such 735TR is on sale that is very easy to purchase! Why don't you take this opportunity to build your own custom bike in the world? Please feel free to contact us for quotes and consultations! Leader Bikes 735TR Frame Set (Aluminum Carbon Fork) ¥ 85,000 (+Tax) → ¥ 68,000 (+tax) LEADER BIKES 735TR+I806TR FULL CARBON FORK SET ¥ 99,000 (+tax) → ¥ 79,000 (+tax)
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