Tioga "Twintail" in Stock!

Super royal road saddle TIOGA twintail is available. The popularity of this good saddle with a good cospa is persistent in the lacy look. Isn't there a lot of good saddles that are thin, light, and gentle on wallets? Recommended for those who have the optimal amount of pads in the necessary parts, sit back firmly, and sit with their ass in their pockets. The back of the saddle is separated in two, and it is only connected by a bridge, so it is a good place to make it better and fit in the right and left parts. The joint part of the rail on the back side is alleviated when the impact from the ground is transmitted from the rail to the saddle. The hopeful saddle front is finished so as not to get in the way of pedaling. Come on the saddle that suits you. Tioga Twintail SADDLE ¥ 12,000 (+Tax) 045-413-7875 yokohama@brotures.com
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