There is a romance on the bicycle.

I found an interesting article when I read giz mode, so I will introduce it. I don't think most people are conscious, but all high -end bicycles are attached to something, and based on the rules set by the International Bicycle Competition (UCI), which is a bicycle race, the design is formed. It is something that is. The design of the fixes and road bikes is different in materials such as chromoly, aluminum, and carbon. Although it has some personality, it is basically a wheel of the same size before and after, and it has a frame with two triangles. Being there is a common design. It is because the UCI has a strict restriction on the design to make the race safely proceeding with the race, and the bicycle race is not done by the machine, but by humans. In the design of a bicycle, it means that keeping various restrictions is more priority over the challenge that changes the law of physics. The first and second photos are a concept machine called FUCI designed by professional engineers, Richard Egger, without being tied to such rules. The 33.3 -inch (about 85cm) huge wheels have a small electric motor (laughs). Fairing made based on aerodynamics, motor bike type windsters, new frame shapes, and places to put luggage in the rear. 。 Of course, you can't see it in the racing scene dominated by UCI, but there is something that you can dancing on a common sense. In the past, there were players who swept the race scene with unique machines such as Graeme Obries, Chris Boardman, and Francesco Moser. For better or worse, their overwhelming records have reported that the UCI rules will change. While the fairness of bicycle racing is not performed by the machine but by humans, the innovative design has been reduced unfortunately. The romance is packed in the most advanced ones. I thought it was a bicycle, so I thought while riding the train. smile Junki
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