Customer's Bike Check!

"Kagero" of LESDER BIKES high -end class purchased the other day. Custom to the customerCommitmentI will introduce it and I will introduce it! [Frame & Fork]Leader Bikes Kagero [Handle] Nitto RB-021 Bullhorn Bar ¥ 6,200- [FORNT WHEEL]BROTURES SHRED88 Front [CRANK]Brotures Rip Crank [CRANK]HKK Vertex Track Racer Chain Blue [COG]EURO-ASIA DELUXE STEEL TRACK COG "Kagero" assembled in black and silver. It's a classic, but isn't there a lot of way to make it? The handle is a bullhorn under Nitto. The front is installed SHRED88 and gives an even more aggressive impression. The drive line is BROTURES original RIP CRANK and chain is Vertex. Cog is installed with EURO-ASIA DLX and running is perfect! Although it is detailed, the Hub nut on the front with SHRED88 is used with GREDDY HUB NUT to take security measures! And not only the appearance, but also the customer from the running comfort to the crime prevention.CommitmentIt was one that I felt. If you get on, why not combine your favorite one? Even those who do not know anything can consult slowly, so please come to the store!
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