Lizard Skins DSP Bartape in Stock!

DSP bar tape is available from the trend mark Lizard Skins. Is it the image of 1.8mm's thinnest type for lace, 2.5mm is almighty, and 3.2mm is for long rides. DSP is a material called Dura soft polymer, which is very good at absorption of impact. Comfort that you can understand once you use it. This time, we are stocking three kinds of thickness! 1.8mm is white, 2.5mm is red, 3.2mm is a black lineup. The thicker it is, the higher the shock absorption, but the more powerful grasped, the thinner is better. As you can see in the photos, all thicknesses are different, so it may be good to choose by design first. I think that the temperature has calmed down and there are many opportunities to ride. By all means at this time! Lizard Skin DSP Tape 1.8mm ¥ 3,300 (+Tax) Lizard Skin DSP Tape 2.5mm ¥ 3,300 (+Tax) Lizard Skin DSP Tape 3.2mm ¥ 3,300 (+Tax) 045-413-7875
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