Leader Bikes 735TR SHRED88 Custom Bike.

Leader Bikes 735TR SHRED88 Custom Bike ¥ 268,762- PARTSSPEC [Frame] Leader Bikes 735TR Frame ¥ 55,000- (+Tax) [Fork] Leader Bikes i806tr Full Carbon Fork ¥ 38,000- (+Tax)Frame & FORK & HEADSET SPECIAL PRICE ¥ 79,000- (+Tax) [Handle] DEDA PISTA ¥ 8,600- (+tax) [STEM] DEDA ZERO100 PISTA ¥ 9,900- (+tax) [SADDLE] Tioga Twintail ¥ 13,000- (+Tax) [WHEEL] BROTURES SHRED88 F ¥ 55,000- (+Tax) Brotures SHRED88 CARBON R ¥ 59,000- (+Tax) [CRANK] Leader Bikes Corsa ¥ 10,000- (+Tax) This custom completed car was a custom -finished car with a strong presence, using the full carbon campaign of Brotures, which is currently being implemented. By the way, this time, I was conscious of how to assemble the piste bike of the famous rider "Emi Brown" of Leader Bikes. First of all, we customize the presence and "EMI Brown" wheels and Brotures original deep wheels. The handle uses the DEDA PISTA track handle used by "EMI Brown". By the way, the stem is also solidified with the same brand (DEDA) according to the handle, and it is a stem with an angle in front, so we use this stem considering the unity and balance of the appearance. By adding an angle to the stem, the top tube and the stem are close to parallel, and it is very good in the appearance balance, and by going forward, the air resistance of the wind can be minimized as much as possible. , Custom by devising such a little less noticeable part. For those who look at the bicycle first, this way will definitely be made! LOAN SIMULATION Amount ¥ 268,762- Fee ¥ 7,337- 1st payment amount ¥ 23,099- × 1 time Payment amount after the second time ¥ 23,000- × 11 times And, as introduced on the blog of the other day, I am currently conducting a bicycle loan "Zero interest rate" at BROTURES. For more information, please come to the store to listen carefully. Great information is crazy. So we are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA !!! U-KI.
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