Leader Bikes 735TR Dura-Ace Custom !!

Leader Bike's aero frame, 735TR of flagship model in 7 series. Custom based on frames that can be used on this street or truck. First, the front and rear wheels are the most popular wheels in BROTURES, SHRED 88. This wheels are very popular because of their carbon wheels, as well as their impact. And the handle and stem are DEDA's 35 series introduced on the other day's blog. Please take a look at the URL below. ⇒ https://brotures.com/blogs/store-blog/45733 And the seat post is also RSX02 SEATPOST from DEDA! This is a seat post with a very high rigidity that makes full use of 3D molding technology. TNI BLACK FEATHER for the saddle. An ultra -light saddle with only 114g using carbon. but! This saddle is developed in consideration of "more comfortable" in consideration of "more comfortable", and there is a pad, and there is a pleasant cushioning properties by making holes near the saddle nose and the entire carbon is done. The crank is the highest ranked Dura-ACE among the world-class component manufacturers SHIMANO. By making the inside of the forged hollow aluminum, the inside of the aluminum is hollow to achieve lighter and high rigidity. Compared to SUGINO 75 (560g) with a very high overseas rider usage, Dura-ACE is 505g, so the weight difference is 50g or more. By the way, since it is an NJS certified part that can be used for bicycle racing, it is endorsed for quality. This custom chosen without compromise. Even those who are worried about the price are limited to 735TR, and now the interest rate is 0%up to 12 times! Say again. The interest rate is 0%! This campaign is undecided, so if you are considering it, please be as soon as possible! [Frame] Leader Bikes 735TR [Front WHEEL] SHRED 88 [Rear Wheel] Shred 88 [STEM] DEDA TRENTACINQUE 35 [Handle] DEAD SUPERLEGERA 35 [SeatPost] DEDA RSX02 SEATPOST [SADDLE] TNI BLACK FEATHER [CRANK] SHIMANO DURA-ACE LOAN SIMULATION Money ¥ 420,813- Fee ¥ 22,261- 1st payment amount ¥ 19,874- × 1 time Payment amount after the second time ¥ 18,400- × 23 times
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