Continental Gatorskin

If you are on the fix, you may have seen it once. Classic and royal road. Gatorskin is available! Continental Gatorskin 23c ¥ 5,500- (+Tax) Why is it a classic? It is a skid that will be the first trick to learn when riding a fix. Skids are indispensable for fixes. (Skid is to forcibly stop the rotating pedal. It plays the role of the brake) The movement is like a drift, so the rear tires will inevitably wear. If you skid over and over again, the tire will continue, and eventually the tube inside will come out and puncture. Therefore, GATORSKIN is excellent in puncture resistance. Originally used as a training tire for bicycle racers and road racers, Someday, the durability was recognized, and it became a tire loved by pisto rider around the world. But Gatorskin is not the only thing. From long to time to now, I will not be able to grasp the heart of the pisto rider firmly and do not let go. Continental is one of the world's largest tire manufacturers founded in 1871, headquartered in Hannover, Germany. The tires are created by the latest technology, feedback on the data obtained from the motor sports tires to the bicycle tires. The 140 -year history and knowledge are not good! "Polyex breaker", which has been adopted on tires for 4 -wheeled vehicles for many years. Adopts a punk sheet using polyurethane material, which is rich in flexibility and has little hardness due to temperature change. The outside of the tire is a special casing "Duraskin" with a net -shaped textile with polyamide fibers. It protects you from a punk where sharp things touch the tire side while driving. The weight that is worrisome is 230g by the unique manufacturing method. GATORSKIN belongs to 180TPI and provides a relatively supple and comfortable ride. "TPI = Threads Per Inch" means the total number of fibers per inch, so one higher TPI value tires are thin and high -quality in sync with each fiber. I would recommend it to those who have never replaced the tires! There is no doubt that the lightness of rowing, grip, speed riding, any of them will be upgraded! When you customize it, you tend to look at handle, wheels, cranks, etc., but you can't despise the tires! It's the only part where you contact the ground. I'm sorry that it became a long sentence. It's so good! Rumors say that if you don't skid, keep it 7000km or keep it ... The length of Honshu in Japan is 2000 km, and 6000 km from NY to science fiction in the United States (it seems to depend on the road). It is a tire part that is hard to look at, but why not replace it at this opportunity?
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