The Attension to 735tr Vol.1

If you are often seeing Brotures blogs frequently, do you notice? THE ATTENTION TO ○○○ Series 2nd! ! ! Last month, I have been dissected about Leader Bikes "725TR" at the YOKOHAMA store, but this time I will dissect "735TR"! This is a symbolic frame that can be called Leader Bikes, and the highest high -end model in the 7 series "735TR" The previous"725TR" anatomy vol.1It will be easy to understand if you can try it together, so we will proceed with the same material. About the "material" of the frame by Vol.1! ! "725TR" is different from "735tr", but honestly is different? I think there are many people. The biggest difference is that "735TR" has a thicker down tube and a more aggressive form, Eh ... that's it? It will be ... but! This is the miso this time! This also changes the weight of the frame itself. In detail, geometry is different, but this will be at a later date! The difference in weight I mentioned earlier is the "725TR" that boasts enough lightness.1.965kg On the other hand, the weight of the "735TR" is ...1.810kg!!! (M size comparison together) That's right! It's lighter! that? I just said that the down tube was thicker, and wouldn't it be heavy if it was normal? I think it is correct to feel like this. However, it is possible if the "material" itself changes! In the first place, various types of "materials" are used for bicycle frames, As for the previous drown, "aluminum" is also used in the 7 series, which is the mainstream of Leader Bikes. Leader Bikes Further high -end model EQNX uses "carbon (carbon fiber reinforced plastic)". There are many other "steel", "titanium" and "magnesium". There are also types of "steel", and "chromoly" is a typical bicycle, including bicycle racing frames. Mamachari, "high ten", etc. used for inexpensive bicycles, etc. I gave two easy -to -understand, but there are still others. There are all kinds of the same material, and each has its own characteristics! ! ! ! This time, the story of "735TR" is about "aluminum", but of course the "aluminum" is also small. If you introduce everything, you will not be able to write it, so it would be enough if these two are mainly used in bicycles. For "6061", it is written in detail on the YOKOHAMA blog that was linked earlier. Hate? What is different in these two is "7005" that has stronger strength and rigidity. Therefore, even if the tube is thinner, the intensity can be maintained, and at the same time the weight is reduced! ! ! Speaking of the drawback, is it too hard to process and cost more? You're a high -quality "material"! ! ! It is actually used for many luxury bicycles. If you come this far, you will notice it ... "7005" is used for the down tube of "735TR"! ! (Except for the down tube, use 6061 as well as "725TR".) Did you understand the reasons why this is lighter than "725TR" and the difference in price? By the way, "Kagero" and "Renovatio" all use "7005"! After all, there is a reasonable reason. The cheap one is useless! I don't mean, but a bicycle is a vehicle that keeps the body. It is our feelings that we want you to ride good things for a long time! ! It has become quite long, but I will do Vol.2 tomorrow, so I hope you can see it with prior knowledge and reference! ! Thank you! !
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