DOSNOVENTA Detroit2.0 High Spec Custom.

Today, I tried to create a high -spec custom using Dosnoventa Detroit2.0. Even though it was a high -spec custom, I chose the wheels of the hand group instead of the baton wheels or high rim high wheels. Using the handle, stem, seat post, and saddle Fizik, I tried to create a sense of unity throughout the car. The image of Fizik = saddle is strong, but the accuracy of the component is a masterpiece. In addition, the front and rear wheels are installed on the PHILWOOD × TNI wheels introduced on yesterday's blog, making it a custom that pursues running well. He / she can demonstrate power even with tough riding. There is no such way of assembling with DOSNOVENTA frame, so it is fresh! ! On the contrary, I feel that it stands out. I personally recommend such a custom that is simple and conscious of running! ! Simple is best. It is on display at the store, so please come and see it. [Frame] Dosnoventa Detroit 2.0 [Front rim] TNI AL300 [Front Hub] BROTURES X PHILWOOD CARBONITE [Rear Rim] TNI AL300 [Rear Hub] PHILWOOD CARBONYTE TRACK HUB [F Tire] Continental GrandPrix 4000s 2 [R Tire] Continental Gatorskin [STEM] FIZIK CYRANO R1 STEM [Handle] Fizik R3 Alloy Dropbar [Crank] SG75 DD [SEATPOST] FIZIK R1 SEATPOST [SADDLE] FIZIK ARIONE00 Bike loan simulation Amount ¥ 509,235- Fee ¥ 26,938- 1st payment amount ¥ 23,273 × 1 time Payment from the second time ¥ 22,300 yen x 23 times 045-413-7875
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