This is usually the case that I want to customize. SRAM OMNIUM. Isn't it the most popular fixie crank? OMNIUM is a very thick crank arm body that matches the Leader Bike frame. Isn't the regular usage rate very high? Since the back side is also firmly removed, the weight is suppressed. The point of this crank is still a direct structure. Now there are Sugino 75DD, Rotor, and Brotures Rip Crank, but SRAM OMNIUM is a pioneer in direct structure. This time, the Ceramic BB and Black Box for OMNIUM are also available. I already know why BLACK and Nen are likely to come with a red BB. smile As you may know because you often write on your blog, this "BLACK" is a ceramic bearing. Since the ceramic bearing inside is Black, it is not Red Box. If you want to upgrade the crank anyway, let's change the cog! ! As for cogs, it's EURO-ASIA. I think EURO-ASIA is the highest cog among the staff. I think that the sound of the chain will calm down when the quality of Superstar, GOLDMEDAL becomes about GoldMedal. As for the rotating part, such as cogs and cranks, the higher the quality, the closer to the round, the more comfortable, and the more loser is reduced. It's the best time to ride a bicycle, so why not ride the upgraded body? SRAM OMNIUM CRANK SET ¥ 37,000 (+tax) SRAM BLACK BOX CERAMIC BB ¥ 31,000 (+Tax) EURO-ASIA DLX ¥ 5,900 (+tax) EURO-ASIA SUPERSTAR ¥ 10,000 (+tax) EURO-ASIA GOLD Medal ¥ 15,000 (+Tax) BROTURES YOKOHAMA
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