The Attension to 735tr Vol.2

Hello! Today, I would like to dissect about "735TR" yesterday. Because it is vol.2Last month's blog (YOKOHAMA)As you proceed with the flow of, "painting"! What The painting of "725TR" and "735TR" is performed in the same way ... If you give the difference, it will be about color variations. The purpose may change a little, but this time I will explain the two types of "painting" mainly used in bicycles. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but I don't think it's interesting to pick up and write only good points, so I will write both. I'm glad if you can keep it in mind as knowledge! The paint is formed through polymerization (a phenomenon in which molecular compounds are combined to generate another compound). Of the three paint (solvent, solvent, pigment), the solvent (resin) is responsible for this. Some are famous, such as lacquers, such as drying, but the paint film is weak. There are various ways in the curing method, Dry polymerization = not just drying, but a chemical reaction. Urethane, epoxy, etc. Oxidation polymerization = reacts with oxygen in the air. Futalic acid, phenol (lacquer), etc. Heat hyperslar = heat and some are polymerized when cooling. Melamine, thermal powder, thermoetting acrylic, etc. In general, there are many methods of these three methods, but this time there are two types of bold letters. The thermal polymerization is generally"Burnt paint"It is said that dried polymerization is mainly"Urethane paint"It will be. Features of "baked painting" ・ Painting is very strong, stable and heating equipment is required, and it has an effect on the parts by heating. ・ No solvent drying time is not required ・ Partial painting is very difficult because the color is problematic. Features of "urethane painting" ・ High weather resistance and strong wear resistance ・ Because it is naturally dry, it has no effect on parts ・ Glossy raw life is good and abundant color variations. ・ Painting is possible with high adhesion and fine parts ・ Drying solvent drying will take time ・ When painting, ventilation is absolutely ventilation. "725TR" "735TR" uses "urethane paint". In the past, the quality of the paint was not so good that there were many "baked paints", but now the paint evolves and "urethane paint" is the mainstream! Well, the back is deep. Well, which is better or bad! I thought it would be wonderful to keep my commitment after knowing these two. The landing was also away from the purpose ... I will do this series tomorrow, so look forward to it! ! ... I'm glad to do it! See you tomorrow!
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