This time, the Osaka store has set a Chrome Zone to change the inside display. As the autumn weather continues, this is a very pleasant time to ride a bicycle in terms of temperature! However, I think it is good to run around the city, but if you have any trouble, you want to shop when you go to the city. In such a case, if you have a large backpack, you can quickly store what you bought, which will not interfere with the ride. It may have been hot just to carry in the summer, but that would not be the case from this time! I think Chrome things are all good for any waterproof and appearance. There are not only backpacks but also sneakers. Chrome sneakers are light and durable. And it is a nice point that there is a waterproof function. Above all, it is recommended because it is good to enter the strap and toe clip, and it is easy to do skids! And the VIGORELLI frame born from the CHROME × CINELLI collaboration is still in stock. The coloring is this frame that makes you feel autumn somewhat. It is not only the appearance but also the weight and the riding comfort is very good, and it is a recommended frame personally. There is a limit to this frame, so if you are considering it, please be as soon as possible! ! Frame CINELLI VIGORELLI × CHROME ¥ 99.000 (+Tax) Why don't you visit the Osaka store once and find your favorite backpack and sneakers? If you are thinking about buying a bicycle in the future, why not consider the frame introduced this time? ? Isn't it better not to wear a limited edition or a person if you get on it anyway? ? ? Then we are waiting for you at Broturesu OSAKA! ! Fuji
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