The Attension to 735tr Vol.3

Hello! It was getting cold, so I went to work with a hoodie on a long pants, but it's hot and hot! After all, it is limited to short sleeve shorts. That's why this series finally entered Vol.3! ! This time, I would like to talk about "735TR" "Welding Techniques"! Translated directly, "welding technology", but welding was essential because I worked for a certain railway company before going to Tokyo. There are arc welding and gas welding, and I have done these two, but it's really difficult! It is useless if you do not serve to keep the strength, and you need a considerable technique to leave welding marks neatly. There was something that was not odd if the uncles in the old workplace were the skills of the uncles! With such a background, when I just entered BROTURES, I was concerned about welding marks. The finish is so beautiful! Looking at "725TR" "735tro" "kagero" "Renovatio" that? ? ? ? This is too beautiful welding marks! ! I don't know! ! What a surprise ... When I ask"Smooth Welding"The technology is used! "Smooth Welding"What is it? That's it. Even if it translates directly, it is the same ... The work is to put putty on the welding in order to keep the beauty, and to polish each one by hand. Basically, it costs a lot of cost to use this technology, so it seems that it is often used for high road bikes. "735TR" that realizes both beautiful appearance and welding strength, and sticks not only to functionality but also to the beauty of the appearance! ! As expected! ! We are so fascinating so far, so we can recommend that we sell well! ! Dewa, it's getting longer again, so here! see you tomorrow! !
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