Leader Bikes Renovatio Simple Custom

Leader Bikes USA Team Renovatio used by all riders. This time is a Renovatio custom. The handle, stem, and seat post gives a sense of unity in Thomson, and the front and rear wheels are MICHE PISTARD. MICHE's Pistard is unusual for an impressive wheel, the rim is a black hub, and the spoke is a classic look overall of silver. As a recommended point, is it a good place to be a good place for a car body where the price starts? It's great that you can control it even if you do a full custom. The image of the entire body is also a wheel before and after the rim high on the road drop handle that is likely to run in the crit race. The weather has come for a good time, so let's start the pisto life at this time! [Frame] Leader Bikes Renovatio [Front Rear Wheels] MICHE PISTARD WHEEL SET [STEM] Thomson X2 STEM [Handle] Thomson Carbon Road DropBar [SeatPost] Thomson Elite SeatPost [Crank] Brotures Rip Crank [SADDLE] TIOGA Twintail Bike loan simulation Amount ¥ 284,349- Fee ¥ 7,762- 1st payment amount ¥ 24,811 × 1 time Payment amount from the second time ¥ 24,300 x 11 times 045-413-7875 yokohama@brotures.com
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