The Attension to 735tr Vol.4

Push! hello! This series came to Vol.4 because it was early !! I would like to talk about geometry today, but there are various manufacturers, each car, and various geometry, so please refer to it. Last time, "painting" and "welding" had no difference between "725TR" and "735TR", but I think it is interesting to compare geometry! Click here for the features of "725".The Attension to 725TR Vol.4 The first thing I want to keep is the name attached to each tube of the frame. I think there is no loss here when riding a bicycle. There is a dirty picture that is easy to understand in the photo section above, so please take a look. As you can see, the shape of a bicycle is made by connecting these tubes by welding, but the characteristics of the bicycle vary depending on the length of each one and the angle. Even in the frame design, Leader Bikes is firmly sticking, and uses original geometry instead of OEM! ! * OEM is to produce products from several manufacturers in one factory to reduce costs. If you raise the difference from "725TR", the top tube is 10mm longer for "735TR". It's about 10mm long and it doesn't change much, right? If you feel like that, you will think. Although it is not clear at a glance, the characteristics of the bicycle itself, such as a position even if the bicycle is 10mm, changes. It can maintain a more aggressive riding posture than "725TR", and it is very easy to do because weight shifting is easier when doing a skid that is indispensable for a fix. You can call it the champion of the street! ! Vol.4 ended like this, but remaining twice! I would be glad if you could get in my head a little! See you tomorrow! !
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