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The world looks like three consecutive holidays from tomorrow. It seems that the probability of precipitation is the lowest on this day, which was held in 1964, the day of later physical education. It is a trivial knowledge that I do not go out on holidays, whether it is sunny or rainy. Anyway, when I feel comfortable in autumn when I'm on a bicycle on a daily basis. When I am lazy, I run out of the autumn breeze at this time, and I will get stuck. Such a season that seems to be able to run forever and wants to run forever. I want many people to experience it, and I want to share this feeling. So, I thought, but good day! At the Kichijoji store, you can bring it on the day when all the bikes are purchased. Not only the finished car, and your original custom bike can be delivered on the same day. However, it is hard to imagine how to finish it even if you say a custom bike. So we will create a custom bike while tentatively assembling! ! Now the handle is now, the wheel is now, and you want to see this handle. Once you have a satisfactory custom, we will set this from there and of course we will hand it over the day! If you embark on a bicycle now! Time is now! Why don't you form a supreme one for this best season and a great opportunity? Nishi -Tokyo is waiting for you today at Kichijoji. BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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