The Attension to 735TR Vol.5

Hello! Although the three -day holiday has begun, the clouds are somewhat uncomfortable ~ It's raining tomorrow ... Let's study bicycles together for such a day! Today is "735TR" why Vol.5"Aero Dynamics"I want to talk about. If you just translate it as usual"Air mechanics"That's it, but if it's a detailed story, it will be useless if you don't use your head. In that case, my brain will stop, so I will talk about important parts. "Air mechanics"It is a kind of discipline that deals with the movement of air and every gas and the effects of objects that exercise in the air, and is generally used for airplanes and cars. Bicycles also reduce air resistance and need more powerful power to break through the wind. The air resistance during bicycle driving increases rapidly from around 30 km/h, and at a speed exceeding 60 km/h, the loss of air resistance is larger than the energy spent on the running. To do so, in order to reduce the burden on the driving energy as much as possible, a body shape that reduces air resistance is required. So naturally"Air mechanics"Is important! Right now, in the bicycle industry"Air mechanics"Was calculated using"Aero frame"Is becoming mainstream, from various brands"Aero frame"Is being released. However, it is undoubtedly called Leader Bike that made the foundation! Many brands manufacture the "735TR" imitation frame at a low price, but the place where it cannot be imitated is truly Leader Bikes !! "735TR" specializes in aero shape even more than aero -shaped "725TR". Isn't there anything else that dropped a serious bicycle on the street so far? "735TR" is the best to enjoy the speedy speed and looks best. I want you to ride! This series will be the last tomorrow, but look forward to it!
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