The Attension to 735tr Vol.6

Hello! I have been dissecting "735TR" for 6 days today, but this time is the last! ! I would like to talk about "detail design" by Vol.6. Originally used in carbon frames, "tapered head tube", which has been used for high -end road bikes, has been adopted. The shape of the head tube is thicker from top to bottom, As the lower part of the head tube is thicker, the connected down tube can be thickened, so the frame strength is improved! At the same time, the folk crown is large, and the thickness of the fork itself can increase the strength! Skid is indispensable for fixie bikes, but the problem is that it takes a lot of power to Fulem. Considering the problem, it is intended to increase the strength and rigidity of frames and pilot tubes in skids and rowing. In addition, the seat clamp is also concerned, and the integrade seat clamp is adopted. It will be translated again, but "binding sheet clamp". You mean that you are integrated with the frame! This improves silhouettes, and can be reduced in weight because the seat post can be shortened. In addition, two more points will increase the durability of the seat clamps than the conventional "735TR" frame. CNC processing (computer control technology) is adopted, so the accuracy is outstanding. It looks, durability, accuracy, and a remarkable seat clamp! ! And it's a decal with "735". Actually, this is diagonally stretched, but this is not a mistake! ! This is the same as "725",Yokohama blogPlease check it out because the species are revealed! ! I would like to end the "735TR" dissection for 6 days! I don't know when it will be, but there are other frames that have not been dissected, so please look forward to it! ! By the way, "735TR" has been introduced so far, but the frame fork set is cheaper by commemorating the Open Brotures Sandiego! ! Leader Bikes 735TR Frame Fork Set Leader Bikes 735TR + i806 FULL CARBON FORK SET As I have said many times, I don't think there is any other frame that has dropped the latest technology and commitment to the street. Basically, I don't sell at BROTURES, but I will advance to overseas for the first time! ! That's a celebration price! By all means, this opportunity is your best partner! !
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