Only a little remaining ...

It is a breaking news for those who are thinking about custom !!! BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL Front ¥ 55,000- (+Tax) Rear ¥ 59,000- (+tax) The popular deep rim wheel SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL, which is popular among BROTURES original wheels, is only a few. I think this wheel is indispensable when customizing a bicycle. If you customize it, it will create not only performance but also coolness that looks impactful. It goes well with any frame, but personally, if you customize it to Leader Bikes 735TR, it feels good. Performance: The material of this wheel is the most advanced carbon material that is very excellent in lightweight, aerodynamic performance, vibration decrease, and rigidity -controlled weight ratio, and the carbon material is a quarter of the weight compared to iron. It is said to have twice the strength. In addition, as there is a rim high, the spokes are shorter, and the spokes that occur during rotation that create most of the air resistance of the wheels can significantly reduce the spoke turbulence, which succeeded in reducing air resistance than aluminum wheels. Even if the ground area is increased and the weight is heavy, the rim is dared to see the SHRED88, and of course there is a reason, and the wind that comes when you run a straight line begins to cut the wind as the wind cuts the wind. It is the principle of considering it as an aerodynamic resistance, reducing the spoke length in the first place, and eliminating the resistance by receiving the wind in the flat part of the rim. The change in the feeling when installed is a wheel that pursues the fastest street world that anyone can understand. This little wheel is left. Why don't you try it once ...?! U-KI.
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