Cane Creek SCR-5C Brake Lever in Stock!

In the United States, CANE CREEK's bracket brake lever is available from North Carolina. Speaking of Cane Creek, the famous head parts are head parts. There is also a confident lineup with 110 -year warranty. By the way, the bracket brake that has recently gained popularity. This is a good look, but that's good. Cane Creek SCR-5C Road Brake Levers ¥ 5,400 (+Tax) This arrived the other day DEDA SUPERLEGERA 35 Handle or FSA K-Wing Compact Aero Carbon BarThis bracket brake lever is required. For 35, the diameter of the handle is too thick, and for FSA, the shape has a unique shape, and there is no choice but to attack with a bracket. However, if it is a handle that attacks these two grades, looks perfect if it is a brackd brake. There is a type with a slightly longer lever part at the same price, but this time a short type. Because it has an ergonomic design with the left and right lever, it is easy to hold and fits in the left and right hands. If you run in a gachi, you should definitely use "Road Drop" + "Bracket Lever" Come on this occasion. 045-413-7875
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